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Qualcomm Shows Why Augmented Reality on the Phone Is Really Nifty (Video)

A little bit ago, I had the chance to check out a very cool augmented-reality concept application that Qualcomm has put together.

The demo is designed to show the power of its chips, but it also shows just how much fun the future is going to be. The demo uses two Android phones to re-create the classic Rock ’em Sock ’em boxer game. In the real world, there are only the phones and a mat set up to form the ring for the robots.

On each screen, however, appear the two robots, using the real camera as the viewer.

Like Word Lens (though with more punching action), this app shows just the beginning of what is going to happen as virtual and real worlds collide, often via the smartphone.

I could explain a bunch more, but just watch the video….

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