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Why Is Facebook Worth $50 Billion? Check Out These Charts.

Nice timing from JP Morgan’s Imran Khan: The Internet analyst’s 2011 forecast is out this morning and leads off with the bull case for Facebook–the one Goldman just made with a $500 million bet. Here’s a condensed version, in chart form:

Facebook is really, really big. It doesn’t have quite the reach of Google and Yahoo yet. But it’s still growing–fast–getting very close:

Meanwhile Facebook has already eclipsed Yahoo in terms of total time spent on the Web:

And Facebook boasts a loyal user base. Half of them come to the site at least once a day:

And the rest of the Web is growing more dependent on Facebook.
Check out the increase in referral traffic from the social network to the New York Times, Amazon and eBay. Google’s still much more important, but again, Facebook is growing fast, and will grow faster if its outreach program to big media works:

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Nobody was excited about paying top dollar for a movie about WikiLeaks. A film about the origins of would have done better.

— Gitesh Pandya of comments on the dreadful opening weekend box office numbers for “The Fifth Estate.”