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Viral Video: AOL Media Head David Eun Gets Jiggy in Internal All-Hands Video

While he has been striking a lot of content deals of late for AOL, there seems to have been enough time in his day of trying to turn around the struggling Web giant for Media and Studios President David Eun to make a rap-techo-whatever video for the troops.

While many division leaders might just release a dull memo, the former Google exec went right to the videotape, and I mean really went for it.

The adorkable result is an all-hands Q4 music video, which BoomTown acquired, in which a suit-wearing Eun moves into Lady Gaga territory and shakes his very buttoned-up booty.

While I like to see this kind of corporate playfulness and fun-poking, let’s hope AOL’s fourth-quarter earnings–being announced in a little more than a week and expected to remain weak–show as many jazz hands as Eun’s effort below does.


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