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Mobilized Hits London: Blogging on the Wrong Side of the Road

In town for this now infamous Nokia meeting on Friday, Mobilized had some time to see the sights of London on Thursday.

I began by making some work-related visits, including a stop at Carphone Warehouse, a big seller of phones here in the U.K. and partly owned by U.S. giant Best Buy.

The store had things neatly arranged by category, with most things divided into “phones” and “smarter phones,” although the iPhone had a display all to its lonesome. The clerk told Mobilized that the iPhone is the most popular, followed by some of HTC’s Android phones, with BlackBerry also reasonably popular. As for Windows Phone 7 devices, there were none, though she said some were due to arrive next week. Nokia still sold some, but they weren’t nearly as popular these days, she said.

Considering my work done, I headed to other sites, spending a rainy couple of hours in Camden Market, a great open-air shopping area that is even better when you don’t have to buy a five-pound Union Jack umbrella just to get around.

From there it was on to King’s Cross Station, which Harry Potter fans know as the place where students can catch the Hogwarts Express, assuming they can find Platform 9 3/4. Because there are lots of tourists like me, the powers that be have actually put in a Platform 9 3/4 so people can have their picture taken pushing a trolley into the wall.

Finally, I decided I should check out the Regent Street Apple Store to see how Cupertino retail translates. It turns out the store is very similar to Apple’s stateside stores, with one big difference–the prices, which are much higher. That explains why Mobilized is always in line behind three Europeans at the store in San Francisco.

For those who like pretty pictures rather than words, here ya go. Cheers.

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