LivingSocial Focuses on Deals More in New Series of Commercials

LivingSocial, the second-largest daily deals site, has created two new commercials that will air during the Oscars on Sunday.

This time, unlike the one that aired right before the Super Bowl kick-off, LivingSocial is focusing more on the deals themselves.

In the Super Bowl, it used the tagline “LivingSocial changed my life,” and had a strange storyline that featured a gruff-looking man who turns into a cross-dresser.

The two new spots are a little more on point.

For example, in “We’ll set the stage, you play the part,” a man and a women perform a number of quick costume changes as they transition through a number of scenes, ranging from a restaurant (55 percent off fine dining), to a hair salon (72 percent off) to a dance floor (where they save 62 percent on tango lessons). For the finale, the curtain closes and the announcer says, “Sign up for free to get daily deals at”

The Super Bowl commercials for both LivingSocial and Groupon demonstrated how difficult it is to portray this somewhat new concept of offering a voucher for a heavily discounted service.

Even so, LivingSocial’s commercial might be a little misleading since it uses “free” in the tagline. As any regular participant of LivingSocial or Groupon would know, you have to pay for the voucher in advance if you want the deal. (But it may not be so obvious to a newbie).

While LivingSocial’s Super Bowl ad fell flat, Groupon fell on even tougher luck with its series of three advertisements, which viewers revolted against and called insensitive.

The one that got the most feedback was a 30-second clip featuring Timothy Hutton that said while Tibetan culture is in jeopardy, “they still whip up an amazing fish curry, and since 200 of us bought at, we’re each getting $30 worth of Tibetan food for just $15.”

Groupon initially offered to retract that one, but ended up having to apologize and yank all three. The company tried explaining that it was raising money for those causes, but the connection was lost on viewers.

LivingSocial’s new commercial can be found on the company’s Web site. It’s also embedded below. Mashable reports that the new campaign, which will kick off Sunday, was created by the Martin Agency.

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