Adobe's Omniture Group Unveils Tools to Track a Brand's Buzz on Social Media

While companies often feel the pressure to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobile and other platforms, it’s hard to quantify why.

To that end, Adobe is unveiling new features today that will enable marketers to monitor, measure and monetize platforms, where consumers are having conversations about their products and brands.

As an example, Aseem Chandra, VP of Marketing for Adobe’s Omniture Business Unit, said the product will be able to alert a company to a spike in traffic on Twitter, and track down the original source.

What they might find out is that Justin Bieber, who has nearly eight million followers, tweeted about his favorite jeans, which was read and spread by thousands of others on Twitter or Facebook.

With that information, the tools could then enable a brand to make decisions on future celebrity partnerships, or more likely, on what keywords to buy on Google.

Chandra said one reason it has gotten so difficult to see where the traffic is originating from is that a ton of activity is also coming from mobile devices, including the proliferation of tablets. “How do you measure that, and where does it originate from? You want to be able to correlate those two and encourage the behavior,” he said.

The new SocialAnalytics features, which are apart of Adobe’s Online Marketing Suite, is expected to be unveiled this morning at Adobe’s Omniture Summit in Salt Lake City. The tools track more than 40 different social networks and gather positive, neutral or negative sentiments. A beta was introduced last year, and since then 75 customers have been using the platform. The product will be available more widely in the third quarter.

Chandra said the past year has shown them how important social media is to media, entertainment and e-commerce companies.

“Everything we do as consumers and professionals is informed by social. That’s going to stay regardless. The conversation we are having with CMOs is that they see that, and are asking us how do I make the important decisions around their business, marketing programs and campaigns? …There’s a lot of activity and it’s well deserved.”

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