Here's Nickelodeon's New Massive Online Game (Plus Video of Cute Monkeys!)

Nickelodeon will use the annual Kids’ Choice Awards tonight to promote the launch of its brand new virtual world, where cute chimps swing from the branches of trees in the fictional World of Ook.

And, just in case cute isn’t cool, the monkeys burp, too. Awesome!

We got our first peak at Monkey Quest almost a month ago at GDC. The game, which targets 8 to 12 year olds, is a massively multiplayer online game, where the adventures never end in a territory that encompasses five different tribes that are connected by a network of criss-crossing highways.

Tonight’s launch is the first time the game is officially being promoted after a two and a half development cycle that included a lengthy beta period. Subscriptions will cost $9.95 a month, or users can choose to pay as they go, by buying Nick Cash.

Now the hard part begins for the Nickelodeon game team, which will have to keep up with content creation as kids plow through the more than 50 levels already built.

Here’s a look at the commercial:

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