Zipline Games Offers a Speedier Way to Market for Mobile Games

Seattle-based Zipline Games, which operates out of Seattle’s Founder’s Co-op, has developed Moai platform, which will enable mobile games to run more seamlessly across iPhone and Android using Amazon’s Web services.

While the platform is in beta, it will be working with about 50 game studios. One of the designers endorsing the platform is Jordan Weisman, who is well known for games such as Shadowrun and MechWarrior.

Zipline is also working on two games of its own: Wolf Toss, which is similar to Angry Birds, and Chronosaur, which is a more complex arcade action game. The two games will be coming out over the next couple of months.

The CEO and Founder Todd Hooper, whose background is in enterprise software, said the company is not competing against Adobe’s proprietary Air or Flash technologies, which offer some of the same promises. It’s also not competing against OpenFeint, which offers more third-party services to developers, such as leaderboards. Those services are complementary.

Rather, it’s giving studios with about 20-30 developers the tools to make 2-D games in a single development language, called Lua. The SDK will allow the games to work across both iPhone and Android. The cloud is where developers will store additional game content, store a player’s state and incorporate multi-player aspects.

The 10-person company has raised an undisclosed amount of capital from Benaroya Capital and Founder’s Co-op. It works out of an office basement in the incubator-like headquarters, just blocks from Amazon’s new HQ.

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