Nordstrom Plays Around With Xbox's Kinect to Create Interactive Window Displays

A number of hacks have already demonstrated how Microsoft’s Kinect technology could be useful beyond playing games and teaching people how to dance.

Since debuting late last year, the well-selling Xbox accessory has been tweaked to create the world’s best shadow puppetto operate a computer, like Tom Cruise in Minority Report; and now to help redefine window shopping.

Nordstrom, the Seattle-based department store, has installed it in the window of its flagship store in Seattle to enable people to draw illustrations using light on the white backdrop, reports

Here’s what Nordstrom says about it on its blog: “With the help of Kinect’s infrared technology and their technical genius, our teams created a seamlessly interactive display that anyone can ‘paint’ on using just the motion of their hands in front of the glass.”

Nordstrom had previously experimented with the technology at its Spring 2011 Designer Catalog event.

At least once before, Kinect was used in a window display. In Moscow, passers-by could browse products and search for information in catalogs using only their motion to interact.

Here’s a look at the Nordstrom window display:

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