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Mobilized Doesn’t Work Well With a Fever, and Apparently Neither Does Your iPhone

Mobilized took a trip to Tahoe this past weekend, but ended up being laid up most of the weekend with a cold. With a bit of a fever, the agenda became lots of indoor time and napping.

But, from a friend and former co-worker, I learned that the iPhone also doesn’t like it when it gets too hot.

Joris Evers, who now does PR for McAfee, was in Mexico City last month, sitting outside when his iPhone warned him that things had gotten too hot for comfort. It displayed a warning message and told him (in several languages) that the only thing it was willing to do was make an emergency call. Otherwise, it was waiting until things cooled down.

It also turns out that the iPhone, like Mobilized, likes talking about itself in the third person.

Evers said it was warm, not hot, though he was in the direct sun. His laptop was willing to work, despite the conditions.

“I guess iPhones need sun protection in addition to screen protection and fall protection,” Evers mused on his personal blog.

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