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Welcome to the AllThingsD Redesign!

No, you’re not on the wrong site.

Yes, this is AllThingsD.

A whole new redesign of AllThingsD, that is.

The new look is the third since we launched the site in April of 2007 and–trust us–we think you’ll like it a lot better.

There are a lot of reasons for a redo of any site.

In this case, there are many–from wanting to keep it fresh to figuring out a better way to feature the incredible journalism of our many new reporters who have come on board in the last six months to trying to give the reader a more visual experience and much improved navigation.

That’s a good thing, since the site has been bursting at the seams for a while now, as we have steadily and dramatically increased the number of stories we post every day.

So naturally, we’re pretty excited to launch a redesign today that enables us to better display the depth and breadth of our coverage and to showcase the talent behind it.

And, after months of kibitzing with our longtime and most excellent designers at Mule Design in San Francisco, we think we have done that and more.

Some major deets:


As you will see, in the new set-up, all blog posts belong to AllThingsD and no longer operate under a variety of column names.

We thought long and hard about this change, which entailed moving all the content from the various blogs under the single AllThingsD.com moniker.

This will make everything look more cohesive from a branding standpoint. We’re AllThingsD now, and not the blogging nation states of BoomTown, Digital Daily, MediaMemo, Mobilized, NetworkEffect, eMoney and NewEnterprise.

While we liked all those pretty names, it’s become clear that it’s gotten a little confusing to readers that we are one single news organization.

Thus, as hard as it is for me personally–I have been writing under the BoomTown name since before there was a Google–out they go.


One big focus: More contextually relevant opportunities to view our content!

Real people translation: All of our content is now categorized under the list of topics that runs across the top of the site, which are News, Reviews, Mobile, Media, Social, Enterprise and Commerce.

These lead to dynamically-generated category pages. Since our coverage is rarely confined to just one of those, any given post or column will probably appear under more than one category.

Of course, there are rabid Peter Kafka fans, as well as those who cannot live without a daily dose of Ina Fried. Luckily, you can still view posts by writer by using the convenient “view by writer” link at the far right of the navigation bar.

And if that’s not enough context for you, the content on display can be further filtered by the most popular tags of the previous 30 days by clicking on “Trending Tags” on any category page or “Kara (or any other writer) by Topic” on any writer’s page.


As you can see, All Things D now has a wider layout and a better ability to display videos, photos and embedded documents.

The new wider layout is better suited to big, bold graphics and videos. All of our videos will now be streaming to you at 640×360, and while we’re not giving up on LOLcats any time soon, they will be coming to you at a much higher resolution, and they will occasionally be augmented by professional photojournalism from Getty Images and other services.

But fear not: AllThingsD‘s epic Photoshops–such as the recent Skype-tastic image of Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer above–will continue unabated.


On the new AllThingsD site, we’re no longer confined to bringing you our content in a chronologically reversed river of posts.

Of course, that’s still available if you scroll down to “Today’s Posts,” and you can even filter that view by clicking on any of the writers to the left.

Our new featured content box at the top of the homepage gives us the latitude to highlight the most important stories as well, and to give them the prominence, longevity and visual impact they warrant.

We’re sure you have a lot more questions and it will take some getting used to the new look. So, the whole staff at All Things D is here for you with any questions, comments and, of course, complaints.


On a final note: The strong commitment of AllThingsD and the D: All Things Digital conferences to accurate, fair, ethical and pertinent coverage of tech and media news will always be the same. No matter how many fancy new doodads come to the Web, our belief that readers want the kind of high-quality journalism we offer will never ever change.

But we hope you like how we have decided to package that going forward. Once again, please give us feedback about what you like and what you don’t.

Yours in redesign,

Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg
Co-Executive Editors, All Things D

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