Glenn Beck Has a New Site to Save the World…A Few Bucks

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is set to launch his own social buying service, called

The site, essentially yet another clone of deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, is the first major signal as to Beck’s post-talk show plans. (We’re guessing running for President of the United States has been scratched off the list, since his ratings have recently fizzled.)

Beck is set to leave his Fox News cable show “Glenn Beck” later this year.

While is a totally new venture for Beck, and the first celebrity-branded deal site we’ve seen, Beck is no stranger to hawking products. He also appears in advertising for Goldline, a service that sells gold coins to consumers.

Although the site is set to launch with deals on chocolate and online identity security, what about some more “Beck-centric” offers–such as on chalkboards and maybe his latest book?

Or, the whole thing could be a way to get rid of all those unsold t-shirts from his Washington, D.C., rally this past year, or perhaps to give Jon Stewart more fodder for his cable talk show.

(Full disclosure: Fox News is owned by News Corp, which also owns Dow Jones, which owns this site.)

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— Author Tim Kreider on not getting paid for one’s work