Fanhattan Brings All the Movies on the Web to One Place–Your iPad

Fanhattan is set to demo its much anticipated content-organizing app on stage at D9 later today, but CEO Gilles BianRosa gave us a sneak peek ahead of the launch, and we’re bringing you behind the curtain.

Fanhattan is designed to help users choose TV shows and movies they’d like to watch online, regardless of where that entertainment content may reside.

After selecting a movie, Fanhattan users can read reviews, learn about the cast, “Like” it on Facebook, or just hit play on any one of the services that can bring the program to their iPad.

The app and underlying server-side processes aggregate data about where movies and TV can be found online, and then connect users with what they want to watch whenever and wherever they want to watch it.

Fanhattan has partnered with Apple, Amazon and Hulu, among others, so the Fanhattan experience focuses on choosing the content, not choosing a viewing channel.

While Fanhattan is launching as an iPad app today, BianRosa said the next steps for the company would be experiences in Web-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and possibly set-top boxes like Google or Apple TV.

Fanhattan’s chosen problem is one of both big data and big partnerships, but with venture backing by the likes of Mike Ramsay of NEA (better known for co-founding TiVo), they may be ready to compete.

We’ll be liveblogging their onstage demo around 2 pm today.

Find that liveblog and all the D9 action on our conference page.

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