Groupon CEO Mason Demos Real-Time Offers as It Launches in Two New Markets (Video)

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason joked about pretty much everything today on stage at D, but was dead serious about at least one thing: Inventing new ways to get people to use Groupon for more of their daily purchases.

One solution: Groupon Now.

Using an iPhone, Mason demonstrated how easy it is to use the smartphone app to spontaneously find offers based on your location. As he stumbled through the demo, and joked that it was just like an Apple event, he said you can imagine using it for everything from getting a teeth cleaning to finding a slice of pizza.

Starting today, the service is expanding beyond Chicago to New York and San Francisco.

Yesterday, Google was at D to demonstrate its new service called Google Offers, which has launched only in Portland, Ore.

While the two are now going head to head, it wasn’t that long ago when Google was courting Groupon and dangling a $6 billion check in front of it.

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