Sorry, Windows 8 May Look Different, But It Will Need the Same Security Software

It may look completely different, but unfortunately, Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform will be the same when it comes to being vulnerable to outside attacks.

At the D Conference today, where Microsoft gave its first glimpse of Windows 8, Walt Mossberg asked Windows President Steven Sinofsky, “What about security? Will I have to install some anti-virus program on this lovely thing?”

The short answer: Yes.

“It will always be a good idea to run security software,” Sinofsky said. “If you think your machine’s not a target, you’ll find out pretty soon that it is.”

Sinofsky added that having security software on the device doesn’t have to be a painful experience. It’s possible to use it without getting constant pop-ups and nagging renewal notices. “I think it’s possible to write security software that you never see until something bad happens,” he added.

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