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Twitter, Paramount Push “Super 8”

Hard to call it a “secret” when you buy ads and send out press releases to promote it, but I’ll play along: Paramount is using Twitter to sell tickets to preview screenings of “Super 8.”

The studio’s big summer movie is out Friday, but you can see it tomorrow by heading to this site, which you can get to via the “#Super8Secret” hashtag, which Viacom’s movie unit has purchased as today’s “Promoted Trend” on Twitter.

Pretty straightforward stuff, but worth noting because:

  • It’s another example of Hollywood embracing Twitter. Many studios have started using the service to promote an opening weekend. That’s a very nice sector of the ad business to play in, and it generates a lot of money for the TV networks on Thursday nights; it’s also lucrative for the very biggest Web portals. Getting a piece of it is a promising sign for Twitter.
  • It’s also part of a year-long marketing pact that Paramount has signed with Twitter, one of several the service has signed with advertisers. One of the big raps about Twitter’s early ad efforts are that it doesn’t have enough inventory/opportunities to command big ad buys, but signing on buyers for a year takes care of some of those problems, for now.

By the way, I got to see the movie at a preview screening last night, attended by reporters and PR people. It’s good!

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