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Yahoo Americas Ad and Media Head Ross Levinsohn Talks Up, Well, Yahoo! (Video)

Longtime Internet exec Ross Levinsohn only got to Yahoo about seven months ago as head of its Americas region, but he certainly isn’t shy about touting its attributes vigorously.

Including talking about the size and power of the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s content and advertising business, which he is largely in charge of.

This, despite a number of troubling trends at Yahoo — from continuous talent drain to search advertising declines to its recent problems with its Asian partners.

And, of course, that persistently missing vision thing, as well as longtime shareholder dissatisfaction.

Yahoo’s shares are now trading in the low $15 range, and heading south as it heads into its annual meeting in two weeks.

But Levinsohn — the former News Corp. digital exec who was one of the livelier presences at Yahoo’s recent stock-unmoving investor conference — makes the case in this video interview that the company has what it takes to revive itself.

Plus, I finally find out the secret of the his hair-tastic coif — would that Yahoo could be as shiny and healthy.

(In case you need as much Yahoo info as possible, I also did a March video interview with its other top exec, Chief Product Officer Blake Irving, who has different tonsorial attributes than Levinsohn.)

Here’s Levinsohn, whom I spoke with last week:

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