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Reed Hastings Insists: Netflix Won’t Kill Cable! The Full D9 Interview. (Video)

Reed Hastings keeps getting asked about it, and he keeps saying the same thing: Nope, he doesn’t want to replace cable. He’s just marketing Netflix as a little ol’ $8-a-month service, which people pay for in addition to their cable subscription.

So how come everyone’s convinced that Netflix is going to be a huge problem for Comcast, et al? Hastings tries to make his case during this D9 interview with Kara Swisher. He also takes time to explain why Apple TV, not the iPad, is a big deal for his company, and why he may or may not be able to revive “Firefly.”

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The good news is we had this idea of cloud computing. The bad news is we were 10 years too early.

— Marc Andreessen on LoudCloud