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Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android Seen Beating BlackBerry, Windows Phone in Enterprise

While there’s no question that the iPhone and Android are killing it on the consumer side, a new survey finds that mobile developers also expect those two operating systems to dominate the enterprise.

Developers were evenly split over whether Apple or Google had the upper hand, with about 44 percent of developers picking iOS and the same number predicting Android.

Windows Phone was seen winning by 7 percent of the 2,000 developers surveyed, while 4 percent expect BlackBerry to prevail. Apparently 2 percent of developers think HP’s WebOS will come from behind to unseat the leaders.

As for where application developers are placing their bets, the study found programmers opinions haven’t changed much since its last quarterly survey of Appcelerator’s mobile developers. Interest in the iPhone remains strongest, with 91 percent of mobile developers “very interested” in the Apple phone. The iPad comes in at number 2 with 88 percent of developers very interested, followed by Android phones at 87 percent and Android tablets at 74 percent.

“The picture is largely the same,” Appcelerator VP Scott Schwarzhoff told AllThingsD.

HTML5 mobile Web development, newly added to the survey, was of significant interest to two-thirds of developers. As for the second tier, Windows Phone was very interesting to 30 percent of developers, followed by BlackBerry Phones (28 percent), RIM’s PlayBook (20 percent) with HP’s phone and tablet of interest to less than one in five developers. Interest in Symbian and MeeGo was in the single digits.

For its part, Schwarzhoff said Appcelerator uses the findings to help guide its products, which allow developers to create programs for multiple mobile operating systems.

“It helps us prioritize, obviously, our product roadmap,” Schwarzhoff said.

In other findings, the study also found that mobile developers think Google+ should give Facebook a good run for its money and that Apple’s iCloud will pose a considerable challenge to cloud storage services from Amazon, Microsoft and others.

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