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Running an iPad App on Windows


Is it possible to run an iPad app on a Windows computer, or to run the iPad operating system?


No. Apps for the iPad and iPhone are specifically designed for Apple’s mobile operating system, called iOS, and that operating system is built to run only on Apple’s mobile devices. There are some apps called “Web apps,” which are really websites that behave like applications. For instance, Amazon just released a Web version of its Kindle e-reader app called the Kindle Cloud Reader. These are the exception to the rule: They do work on iPads and Windows PCs. But they aren’t, strictly speaking, iPad apps.


I am thinking of getting an original iPad (Apple reconditioned) instead of the iPad 2. It would save me about $170 and appears to have about all the same features including full warranty except the camera, which I have on my newer iPod. Any reason I shouldn’t do this?


No, not if you don’t need the cameras and trust Apple’s refurbishing service (I have no reason to distrust it, just have no experience with it). The original iPad runs the same software and apps and has most of the same capabilities. However, it is thicker and heavier than the current model, and while I always found it speedy, it isn’t as fast as the newer one.


Is there a link you can provide for a free download of Microsoft Word? I didn’t get it on my Windows 7 PC.


Microsoft Word, and the Office suite of which it is a part, aren’t available as free downloads, as far as I know. But you can download a free 60-day trial. If you want a free office suite, you might try Open Office.

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