What Does the Future Gamer Look Like?

The stereotypical gamer is no longer a recluse in his basement who sits on his couch staring at the TV for hours.

Thanks to portable devices, like smartphones and tablets, and games on Facebook, men and women alike are squeezing a few minutes of game play into their daily lives, which is actually leading to more social interactions in and out of the living room.

Or at least that’s the conclusion of a new study released this week by Latitude, a research and consulting firm that counts DirecTV, Yahoo, Food Network, ESPN and other major media companies as clients.

The report, which studied 290 smartphone owners, examined the future of gaming and tried to illustrate the portrait of the “new gamer.”

This is not an economic forecast. There are no hockey stick graphs here. Rather, this is a touchy-feely explanation for why more people are gaming than ever before. As a result, it might as well have included a chart that pointed up and to the right, and named companies, like Apple, Zynga or Angry Birds’s Rovio, as major benefactors.

Read the report here, watch a video here, or better yet, take a look at this infographic (click to enlarge).

Photo Credit: Mario Spann.

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