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Can a Box Hope to Compete With Apple’s iCloud?

Back in July, just weeks after Apple rolled out its iCloud, I had the chance to moderate a chat with a bunch of cloud storage companies.

With Apple joining other big names like Google and Amazon in offering cloud storage, the time seemed opportune to press the standalone companies on whether the market they pioneered would get gobbled up by the big guys. Not surprisingly, they all felt there was room to compete.

Of course, we also chatted about security and reliability in the wake of some high-profile glitches and collapses, and my favorite topic, mobility.

The panelists were Box.Net’s David Lee, SpiderOak CEO Ethan Oberman, CX CEO Brad Robertson and Cloudera’s Bala Venkatrao.

It has taken a bit, but for those who missed it, there’s now a video of the event, which was put on by SecondMarket:

Data Storage & the Cloud from SecondMarket on Vimeo.

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