Conan Lists His 25,000-Square-Foot TV Studio on Airbnb for $3

Late-night TV comedian Conan O’Brien has listed his “cozy and charming” 25,000-square-foot Burbank, Calif., studio on Airbnb, the site that obviously helps rent out just about any type of housing to anyone.

Conan announced the stunt during his show, lauding the 25 LCD TV monitors (no HBO), a fully stocked kitchenette with intern and a shower shared by the four members of the house band.

It is available Oct. 10 to 13 for $1 a night for a total of three bucks.

The studio, which can accommodate up to four guests, lists sleeping accommodations, such as “celebrity-rubbed” sleeper sofas and an air mattress that needs repair. Linens are included, although it’s recommended bringing your own for undisclosed reasons.

What else? There’s free Wi-Fi, and it’s great for families!

Recently, Airbnb instituted a $50,000 guarantee in case anything goes wrong during a stay, but I’m not sure if that would cover the havoc that someone could create on a TV set that once filmed such classics as “The Goonies” and “Karate Kid Part 2.”

Conan declined to say whether the guests will be featured on the show, but you can pretty much bank on it. Jokes TBD.

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