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Posterous Revamps Around Sharing “Spaces”

Posterous today is reshaping its existing blog and group products into a single entity it’s calling “Spaces.” The point of Spaces — which is more like a social network, but basically still a blogging tool — is to help users share different content with different people and understand who’s seeing it.

That might make you think “Google Circles,” but what Posterous is doing is different, because there is no secret Spaces management dashboard, where only you know who gets placed in which category.

“Versus Google Circles we think we’re building for normal people,” said Posterous CEO Sachin Agarwal in a recent interview. “We use the analogy of email [where you know who you’re sending to and they know who they’re receiving it from] — everything is symmetric groups.”

What could potentially be problematic for Posterous is that it’s not keeping its legacy products and branding around. Everyone who had a Posterous Site now has a Space, and everyone who had a Posterous Group now has a Space. But Agarwal said the aim is to keep everything more consistent and less confusing — and as such, a new iPhone app promises 100 percent of the functionality of the Web site, he said.

And as people have come to expect from Posterous, they’ll still be able to post by email and automatically post to other social networks. Posterous has 15 million uniques, and says three million of its users access its products solely through email.

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The problem with the Billionaire Savior phase of the newspaper collapse has always been that billionaires don’t tend to like the kind of authority-questioning journalism that upsets the status quo.

— Ryan Chittum, writing in the Columbia Journalism Review about the promise of Pierre Omidyar’s new media venture with Glenn Greenwald