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Missed the Emmys (and “Mad Men” + Jane Lynch)? YouTube Has You Covered. (Video)

Normally after a big televised live event, like the Oscars or MTV’s Video Music Awards, I can tell you what the Internet thinks was most interesting about said event.

And usually I can provide a YouTube clip that replays the event, which both illustrates said event and the difficulty that TV still has in keeping this stuff off YouTube. Meta!

Alas, my glimpse of the Web this morning tells me very little about last night’s Emmys. Could be because so many people in my peer group are gnashing their teeth into pulp over Netflix/Qwikster. Or it could be because while everyone I like to follow on Twitter likes to tweet about the Emmys, no one was actually watching it.

So in lieu of a consensus answer, here’s the easiest answer: This is the first result from last night’s show that YouTube gives you when you type in “Emmy.”

It doesn’t appear to be official, but it is nice quality, and Jane Lynch is awesome (disclosures below) and the Fox folks (disclosures below) don’t seem to be that upset about it — it’s been up more than half a day.

Also, luckily, it’s pretty amusing. Best part is the “Mad Men” bit, which kicks in around 4:20.

This would have been even better, I’m quite sure, had the Leonard Nimoy part been played by Alec Baldwin, which was the plan until the Fox folks axed a PhoneGate joke and Baldwin bailed. Speaking of which: Disclosures!

  • Fox is owned by News Corp. Which also owns this Web site. At least as important:
  • At least one person who works at this Web site is BFFs with Jane. At least one more wishes he/she were BFFs with Jane. Jane Lynch showed up at the start of our D9 conference in May, and she was great then, too.

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— Phil Zimmerman, PGP inventor and Silent Circle co-founder, in an interview with Om Malik