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Facebook Gets in the App Discovery Game With “Graph Rank”

Among its flurry of announcements on Thursday, Facebook announced plans to help users find apps and other content based on how popular those things are with one’s own social circle.

The more popular an app is with one’s friends, the more likely a user is to see it on their feed, CTO Bret Taylor said. Also on the app side, Zuckerberg discussed an “add to timeline” button that developers can add to their apps allowing all of a user’s activity to be automatically sent to Facebook so long as the user agrees from the outset. (Cue the oversharing, notes colleague Tricia Duryee.)

Social discovery of apps is seen as the next frontier in solving the troublesome problem of finding useful and relevant programs from among hundreds of thousands of choices. GetJar, for example, has tried to build its own social signals into the latest versions of its app store.

In a blog post, Taylor touted the benefits of its approach.

“App discovery is an important part of the Open Graph philosophy,” Taylor wrote. “The structure of the Open Graph enables apps to grow more quickly based on usage. The more engaging your app is, the more people will discover it on Facebook.”

The f8 keynote speech is just wrapping up. Click here for AllThingsD’s liveblog.

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