Yelp’s Mobile Visits Could Soar With the Help of Apple’s Latest iPhone

Already, millions of visitors are looking up Yelp reviews on the phone, but that’s only likely to grow with the recent integration of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4S.

In the month of September, Yelp said it registered 8.5 million visitors on its mobile Web site and iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications.

It said nearly 60 percent of that traffic was coming through its apps, but the remainder was from visits to its mobile Web site. To help those users, Yelp is updating its site today with a better design.

However, Yelp’s mobile visits are likely to spike in the coming months due to a new partnership with Apple.

Earlier this month, Apple announced it was integrating sites, like Yelp and Wikipedia, into its voice-activated service, called Siri.

In his recent review of the phone, Walt Mossberg had this to say about it:

Siri can find information in Wikipedia, Yelp and Wolfram Alpha. It successfully answered when I asked it, “Who’s the president of Iran?” (though it misunderstood me the first time) and “Who stars in ‘Boardwalk Empire?’” When I asked for a “French restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland,” it instantly returned a list from Yelp, ranked by user reviews.

Yelp will still have a long way to go, however, before a majority of its visits come from mobile.

Compared to the 8.5 million mobile visits in September, 54.5 million visits were made to its traditional PC site.

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