CrowdStar Shares Road Map, Including Eight New Games Globally by Year’s End

CrowdStar is not abandoning Facebook, but today it is unveiling a new strategy that shifts the company’s dependence from the mega-social network to a more diversified approach that includes global and mobile.

CEO Peter Relan explained that, going forward, every franchise game CrowdStar makes will be distributed globally on Facebook, iOS and Android, as well as on leading social networks in China, Japan, Korea and Russia, where Facebook is not dominant.

In the fourth quarter, Relan said, the Burlingame, Calif.-based company is on track to unveil four new game titles that will become available on multiple platforms, for a total of eight launches. One of the games on Facebook will be announced as soon as tomorrow.

“I am transforming the company this year from only Facebook games to a company that builds franchises across Facebook, mobile and global,” he said.

The three-pronged approach is called Project Trident, and was conceptualized in January, when Relan returned to the company as CEO and raised $23 million in capital.

“I looked at the future, and I looked at the current business, which was primarily a Facebook games company, and I said we need to be a company that does Facebook, but also mobile and global. I’m very convinced that triples the market.”

Many social games companies have identified mobile and international social networks as the best way to diversify from Facebook, so that concept is not new.

But Relan believes that CrowdStar is positioned to be a leader.

“This is a huge thing for a company to do. Zynga has done this, but we are the only other company with that ambition,” he said.

For example: CrowdStar’s It Girl game on Facebook was launched on mobile as Top Girl.

By the end of the year, Relan says, the game will be available on 10 different social networks worldwide, including iOS, Android, the Web and Facebook. Today, CrowdStar is announcing a partnership with Korea’s giant online NHN subsidiary. Five more launches for It Girl will take place in the fourth quarter.

Relan believes this will triple the company’s addressable market beyond the 800 million users on Facebook.

To provide a sense of the numbers, Relan noted that It Girl on Facebook has 330,000 daily active users and 3.4 million monthly users. When you add global social networks and mobile devices, it jumps to one million daily users and nearly eight million monthly users.

In other words, Facebook makes up less than half of the game’s users.

Relan says that with the addition of the upcoming Asian launches, he expects to end the year with two million daily users and 10 million monthly users. “That’s just on that one franchise. That gives you a sense for a Facebook game versus a global multiplatform approach.”

With more platform diversity also comes more revenue diversity. Relan said that last year the company had virtually zero mobile revenues, and today mobile accounts for half.

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