Image2Play Connects Images to the Videos They Came From (Demo at AsiaD)

Humans do such an incredible job of recalling things, we don’t often realize what a difficult problem it is for, say, a computer.

A few bars of music can bring back an entire song, a smell can trigger memories of an event, and a single freeze-frame image can bring back an entire film.

It’s that last human talent that Image2Play, a technology from Korean smart-search firm Enswers, tries to port over to the world of computing.

Image2Play, which demoed its beta technology today at AsiaD, analyzes images and instantly matches them up with their corresponding video … assuming the image did, in fact, come from a video.

In essence, Image2Play does for video snapshots on the Web what music recognition app Shazam does for music in the real world.

The technology, currently deployed as a javascript plugin for Web sites and a browser plugin for users, overlays a “play” button on any image taken from a video, on a given Web page.

The user can then click play, and the corresponding video begins in a pop-up player, right on the site where the analyzed image was displayed.

The whole thing, in this iteration at least, is paid for by a pre-roll ad in the player that pops up over the analyzed image.

Additionally, the Image2Play team said they are working with video provider partners to offer the connected videos for sale, also from inside the popped-up player.

Image2Play claims that there are over 8.5 billion page views of “entertainment content” consumed in the U.S. each month, and while it’s unclear what fraction of those pages contains images grabbed from movies, it could amount to a significant ad network and revenues.

Below, video and images from the demo.

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