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Something New From Nook, Coming in a Week

Barnes & Noble will be announcing … something at a New York City press conference in a week.

About what? The oblique invitation I just got in my inbox doesn’t say a word, other than promising that it will be a “very special announcement.” But the invite does include the company’s “n” logo from its Nook e-reader, so go ahead and make the logical leap.

The last time B&N announced something in NYC, back in May — same venue, by the way — it was a stripped-down, black-and-white touchscreen Nook.

Since then, of course, Amazon has refreshed its entire Kindle line, offering its own touchscreen readers as well as the (relatively) high-end Kindle Fire, which competes not only with the Nook, but with the iPad, too.

Your move, B&N.

*Update: Barnes & Noble’s PR reps asked me to remove the location and RSVP info from the invite. Easy enough to track down the event if you really want to (hint: per above, same location as last one) but I really empathize with clogged mailbox syndrome, so fair enough.

**And Jeffrey Trachtenberg from the WSJ spells it out: Look for a new tablet which “is expected to differ significantly from its well-received Nook Color.”

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