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Adobe’s Exit Offers Opportunities For Those Who Stream Flash Remotely

Although the move to stop developing mobile versions of Flash may be a headache for those making Android tablets, it could be a boon for a small number of companies that have alternative means for delivering Flash content onto portable devices.

One such company is iSwifter, which makes a product for the iPad that allows Flash games and video to remotely run on a proxy server and then be sent down to the mobile device. Until now, iSwifter has focused its product in the market on Apple’s iOS, but it has had an Android version nearly ready for months.

“Our target market literally just doubled,” iSwifter founder Rajat Gupta said in an interview on Wednesday. “We had actually predicted this day now for over a year.”

Others, such as Skyfire, have already offered Flash-streaming options for Android, though the appeal will clearly grow as Adobe stops updating Flash for Android and other mobile devices.

Gupta said that iSwifter’s Android product should be in the market by next month, focusing initially on tablets such as the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and more traditional Android tablets, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

Gupta said that his company had talked to Adobe for some time about the need to move to a solution more like iSwifter’s.

“They have a fundamentally flawed architecture for mobile,” Gupta said. “Steve Jobs pointed it out but they didn’t listen.”

The company already has close to a million downloads of its iPad app, Gupta said, with several hundred thousand people actively using it to play Facebook games and other content that doesn’t otherwise work on the iPad. Gupta said that the company expects revenue in excess of $10 million this year and is profitable. It now has 16 employees, up from five back in May.

Adobe’s move should only accelerate its growth, Gupta said.

“We have been waiting for this time when we can step in and launch it,” he said.

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