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iPad 3 Coming Soon?


I am in the market for an iPad, but have been advised to wait for the iPad 3, which rumors suggest will be arriving shortly. What do you advise?


I have seen similar rumors, but I have no confirmation of them and no information on the timing or details of the next iPad. If I had to guess, I’d guess the next iPad will be announced in March or April, which is when the last two were announced.


I would like to purchase a laptop for use only with my stock brokerage firm, my mutual-fund company, my bank and my local credit union. No email, music, photos, games, surfing the Web, online purchases, video chat, etc. I think this will cut down greatly on the chances of my financial information being stolen. Am I mistaken?


This approach might help, but I believe you may be overestimating its benefits. You have to go online, via a Web browser, to perform financial transactions, and you will have to use email in order to do things like confirm sign-up information. Once you are using a Web browser and email, you are open to identity theft if you are careless. Obviously, avoiding any website or online activity where malware or spyware might lurk will help, but you’d still need to be very careful, and—especially if it’s a Windows PC—to install strong security software.

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