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Hasta La Vista, Stock Options: Here’s the Zynga SEC Filing

As I reported earlier today, social gaming giant Zynga has posted another filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

That includes Chief Business Officer Owen Van Natta stepping out of an operational role and forfeiting shares in the process. To be exact: That will be 4.6 million options and close to 800,000 restricted stock units.

All of the details are in his transition letter in Zynga’s massive new S-1, which is in exhibit 10.12 to the amendment filing.

I would start at page 119, but to summarize: Van Natta is keeping all the vested stock options and restricted stock units, currently more than two million stock options that are already vested and another 936,000 RSUs (Zynga calls them ZSUs) already vested. He also has another 750,000 shares that will continue to vest due to his board position.

But, because he is no longer an employee, he is forfeiting all his unvested employee stock options and RSUs. Although it does seem like a lot, this is typical in such cases.

I need to go to lunch, so just read it for yourself:


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— Author Tim Kreider on not getting paid for one’s work