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Adobe: Flash Support for Android 4.0 Coming by Year’s End

Adobe isn’t planning to do much more work on its Flash browser plug-in for mobile devices, but it said Monday it will rectify the fact that its player app doesn’t work with Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android.

In a statement to AllThingsD, the company said that an update — the last major refresh planned for the Flash plug-in — is on its way, and should be out this year.

“Yes, Adobe will release one more version of the Flash Player for mobile browsing, which will provide support for Android 4.0, and one more release of the Flash Linux Porting Kit — both expected to be released before the end of this year,” Adobe said. “After that time, Adobe will continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates.”

In the meantime, though, that means the Galaxy Nexus can’t run Flash content.

“As we previously communicated in a blog post, devices and software updates from our partners which introduce new technologies are being developed on varied schedules that are different from our own, which means that the Adobe runtimes may not always be optimized or supported on devices until a subsequent release,” Adobe senior director Greg DeMichillie said in a statement. “We will provide a minor update to the runtimes to support the Galaxy Nexus in December.”

Adobe had said it planned to release one more update for the Flash Player earlier this month, when it announced that it was halting development on the project in favor of working with HTML5 and helping mobile developers create native apps using Adobe AIR.

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