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Samsung’s New Galaxy Ad Takes Another Crack at Apple (Video)

Did you like Samsung’s first anti-Apple ad, which showed up late last month and also promoted the Korean company’s new Galaxy S II? Then you’ll like this one, too, which plays up what it says is the Android handset’s speed advantage. It should get wider distribution next week, but I believe this is the only place you can see it for the time being:

As I’ve noted before (but Twitter makes it hard for me to find), these ads, which ping Apple users as a group of deluded fanboys and girls, seem a little niche-y to me: Many people who like Apple products aren’t cultists — that’s why Apple has sold so many Apple products.

Meanwhile, the people who actively dislike Apple and its fans are already buying Android devices. Seems to me that you’d want to pitch a TV ad campaign toward a much bigger audience, one that isn’t as well-versed in insidery tech battles.

That said! These things are certainly catnip for Web folks who lap up anything that has to do with Apple and/or Android. So that part makes sense.

Because you’re reading this right now, right?

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