Mark Pincus Reveals His Playbook as Zynga Hits the Road (Video)

Mark Pincus begins to make the case today as to why his company, Zynga, is worth investing in, at a $7 billion valuation.

The four-year-old social games company revealed this morning that it is seeking to raise $850 million to $1.15 billion in its initial public offering.

In a presentation posted online, Pincus explains why Zynga’s approach to developing games such as FarmVille, CityVille, Poker, Empires & Allies and Words With Friends is a massive opportunity moving forward.

In the video, the executive, who can normally be found in jeans and a T-shirt, is wearing a suit jacket with a button-down shirt; he doesn’t bother with a tie.

From the 30-minute presentation, here are Pincus’s Top 5 reasons why investors should be excited about Zynga:

  1. The idea of play is a core Internet activity and fastest-growing on mobile. Zynga is to play what Google is to search, Amazon is to shop and Facebook is to share.
  2. Zynga is the leader in play.
  3. The company’s platform can scale as it grows.
  4. It’s a profitable business model.
  5. Zynga has made an unmatched investment in the space.

Even though Pincus looks a little stiff, this is the topic he’s most comfortable discussing. Not to mention that this process should be somewhat familiar to the Wharton and Harvard Business School grad, who took his service- and support-automation software company public 11 years ago.

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