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Coming Soon: Twitter to Show Off What It’s Building, in Its New Building

Twitter invited press, including AllThingsD, to come to an event this morning in San Francisco in order “to come see what we’re building.”

Does that mean new products? Probably — but with this company, you never know.

Let’s face it, Twitter has what’s probably an unprecedented world-changing to product-innovating ratio. It’s still a small set of simple tools to send short messages out to a network.

But hey, there’s a reason people joke about the perils of reinventing the wheel.

In fact, at least part of seeing what Twitter is building is likely to be a tour of ongoing renovation of an actual physical building, not a revamped site or app or relevancy filtering features. The event is being held at Twitter’s planned new headquarters at San Francisco’s historic Market Square building. This is the one in the middle of the rundown neighborhood that Twitter is being given tax benefits to help revitalize.

The new office isn’t set to house Twitter’s staff until mid-2012. Renovations started a few months ago. (Maybe we’ll get to wear hard hats!)

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey are both scheduled to speak. We’ll update you when we know more.

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