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That Triangle-Shaped Tablet From “The Office” — One Guy Wants to Build It

When most people saw a fictional triangle-shaped tablet on NBC’s “The Office,” they just laughed. But Eric Calisto had another idea.

Why not try to build it?

“Tablets are interesting to me,” Calisto said in an e-mail interview. “I enjoy building things, and I love ‘The Office.’ Why not combine the three?”

So, after kicking around the idea for a bit, Calisto on Thursday launched a Kickstarter project to fund development. Calisto estimates he’ll need about $25,000 to produce a limited number of the tablets.

“I was looking into sales figures for past tablets a couple months ago and realized that a triangular tablet couldn’t sell any worse than some of those,” said Calisto. “Who knows, it could even be a hit.”

Calisto, whose day job is running online tutoring site The Teach Beach, plans to build the tablet, assuming he can raise the money, based on Android.

“Tablets are fun, intriguing and innovative, but they seem to only come in the boring rectangle form factor,” he said in his Kickstarter posting. “Think of an iPad or Kindle Fire, but triangular.”

I love both “The Office” and tablets, but I am sticking with four-sided models. I guess that makes me a square.

For those who need a refresher, here’s that clip from “The Office.”

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