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You’re One of the Four Million 3DS Owners. Now, How Do You Watch the 3-D Video on the Web?

Let’s say you’re one of the four million owners of a Nintendo 3DS. Maybe you’re an “Ambassador,” which means you bought the 3-D handheld shortly after its launch last March. Or perhaps you got sucked in by the new software titles this holiday season. Either way, you may be aware that earlier this month, Nintendo released a system update that allows 3DS users to record up to 10 minutes of glasses-free 3-D video in continuous or stop-motion style.

Well, it may be glasses-free 3-D on the 3DS screen, but it’s not going to look right on most Web sites, as pointed out by the Consumerist.

Fortunately, Nerd Mentality spent some time over the holidays making two comprehensive video tutorials on how to upload and view Nintendo 3DS video on YouTube. There’s a Quick Guide for users who might already be pretty comfortable transcoding video into different formats and sharing it online; there are also two lengthy videos for watching your 3DS video on both Windows and Mac computers.

In short, the recommended specs for 3-D video on YouTube are H.264 1920×1080 Side by Side L/R, though Nerd Mentality points out that YouTube can only display 3-D video at a maximum resolution of 720p, even if it’s uploaded at a higher resolution. YouTube does support glasses-free 3-D, but you may still want to try viewing it with glasses.

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