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CES Fun With Lytro’s Light Field Camera

It’s a sign of how few truly revolutionary things were shown in Vegas last week that one of the most interesting devices I handled was the Lytro camera that I have been writing about for months.

While I had already seen the light field camera and taken my first picture at AsiaD in Hong Kong back in October, at the Consumer Electronics Show I got a full hour to play around with it.

The demo was part of an event the start-up had at the Wynn hotel, where journalists and a few of the company’s fans could get some face time with the device, which is just starting to ship to customers.

Taking pictures actually did take some getting used to, which surprised me, but it was a lot of fun once I got the hang of it.

Here are some of my more successful efforts. Again, for those who haven’t yet played around with one of Lytro’s “living pictures,” just click anywhere in the frame to put that part of the image into focus.

In this shot, try focusing on the nearest gold ball to get a glimpse of the camera and photographer, and then click on the phone in the back to see it come into focus:

This one is a shot of a MacBook Air keyboard:

And this is a close-up of an iPhone’s home screen:

The product is available for order directly from Lytro’s Web site, with an 8 gigabyte version (enough for around 350 pictures) selling for $399. A 16GB version is priced at $499.

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