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What Happens, Rarely, if You Leave Cellphone on at a Classical Concert (Video)

So, there’s this awesome video making the rounds of a performing violinist, after being interrupted by a cellphone, playing the ringtone on his violin.

It’s great fun. But it really needs a warning, similar to those they play during truck commercials where the vehicle does a 360-degree flip, saying that you are unlikely to be so lucky.

So, concertgoers, please follow the advice and turn your phone to silent. All you are likely to get when your phone starts ringing is a whole lot of dirty looks. Or worse.

One final warning: Some have suggested this could also be an attempt at viral marketing by Nokia. If it was, it worked. The video has been viewed 1.2 million times on YouTube.

A Nokia representative in the U.S. said she doesn’t believe the company had anything to do with the performance or video. But she offered up some interesting background on the ringtone in question.

The tune, “Gran Valse,” is from a similarly named guitar piece from 19th-century Spanish composer Francisco Tarrega. Nokia has been using it in TV ads since the early 1990s; the first phone to offer it was the Nokia 2110, which debuted in 1994.

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