Coliloquy’s Active Publishing Platform Lets Readers Create Designer Heroines (Demo)

Back when we were kids, cutting-edge publishing technology was pretty much limited to “choose your own adventure” books.

Coliloquy, a start-up demoing at D: Dive into Media, is running with that idea, in the hopes of creating a new kind of fiction-reading experience, built on the Amazon Kindle developer platform.

Books released using Coliloquy are written by authors but are released as “active applications,” rather than as e-books with a fixed set of pages.

For the reader, that means the books can be changed and updated over time, just like apps.

Serialized stories, like those that used to appear regularly in magazines, are just the beginning.

In some stories, readers have the option of selecting desired traits in the characters, which are then automatically woven into their version of the story.

In other words, your Fabio can be a brunet.

Romantic fiction aside, Coliloquy’s platform offer authors the ability to adjust stories based on feedback from readers — something previously sequestered in the nerdiest of fan-fiction forums.

Coliloquy stories are already available, but the demo at D: Dive Into Media showcased early-user data and the company’s first contemporary novel, as well as a new, personalized Erotica series.

We can’t wait to see what they’ve added to the conference swag bags.

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