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Hulu’s Alien MushyMush Plot Is Back for the Super Bowl With Will Arnett

Not long after its CEO, Jason Kilar, left the stage after his talk with Peter Kafka at D: Dive Into Media today, Hulu revealed a teaser for the TV ad that will promote the online video service during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Here, Hulu returns to the campaign it launched in 2009, which starred Alec Baldwin and involved an alien plan to turn human brains into tasty “mushymush.” You see, your mother was right about TV turning your brains to mush, and Hulu is just the secret weapon to make it happen faster, allowing the aliens to eat more. Get it? And Hulu Plus, its subscription service, is even better.

Naturally Hulu is turning to Twitter, and there’s a hashtag you can use to tweet about what you’re watching to turn your own brain into #mushymush.

The latest installment stars Will Arnett, whom you’ll recognize if you watch shows like “30 Rock,” “Arrested Development” and “Up All Night,” which I don’t, so I, uh, didn’t. Anyhow, enjoy the ad:

Correction: Earlier I said this was the ad, not understanding that the video above is actually a teaser for the real ad that will run on Sunday. Sorry about that.

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— Author Tim Kreider on not getting paid for one’s work