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A Visit With’s Aaron Levie at His New Office (Video)

The last time I saw CEO Aaron Levie, he was visiting New York. I was able to get him to sit still long enough for a video interview on The Wall Street Journal’s Digits show.

Yesterday, I returned the favor with a visit of my own, and not just on any day, but on the day that the cloud computing start-up that’s growing at the speed of light moved into its new headquarters in Los Altos, Calif. (But really it’s south Palo Alto!)

Box now has 400 people, and they had been badly crammed into its founding offices and spread out between a pair of satellite offices. Now everyone is all in one place. And yes, it looks every bit the young start-up it purports to be, with scooters and hammocks, swings in the hallways and conference rooms named for goofy things. But what do you expect from a company started barely seven years ago in a USC dorm room?

Naturally, I took the opportunity to talk with Levie for an update on Box, the state of its business (hint: Pretty good) and his view of the competitive landscape (hint: Interesting). Also? I rode the slide that dominates the entryway of the new office. Well, it is a fast way to get down to the first floor.

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