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Post-PC Apple, By the Numbers

Apple sold 172 million “post-PC” devices last year, including iPods, iPads and iPhones, with those products now accounting for 76 percent of its revenue, said CEO Tim Cook today at the launch event for the latest iPad.

“Apple has its feet firmly planted in the post-PC future,” Cook said. “It plays to our strengths; it’s what we love to do.”

What other numbers did the company formerly known as “Apple Computer” (it changed its name in 2007) offer?

  • 362 Apple stores
  • 315 million iOS devices sold through last year, including 62 million in the last quarter
  • 585,000 apps created
  • 25 billion app downloads
  • 1080p movies and TV shows for iCloud and the new Apple TV
  • 15.4 million iPads sold in the fourth quarter of 2011
  • 200,000+ iPad apps
  • 2048 by 1536 pixels displayed on the new iPad, with 264 pixels per inch
  • 44% greater color saturation than old iPad
  • 5 megapixel sensor on the new iPad camera
  • A maximum of 73 mbps downlink with 4G LTE on new iPad
  • New iPad specs: 10 hours of battery life, 9 hours with 4G; 9.4 millimeters thick, 1.4 pounds
  • Same pricing as last iPad: Wi-Fi models are $499 for 16 GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB; $629, $729 and $829 if you want 4G
  • Old iPad now starts at $399 and $529

One number Apple didn’t give out? A version number, as is customary, for its latest product. It’s just called “the new iPad.” (Thanks, davebarnes!)


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— Author Tim Kreider on not getting paid for one’s work