Travel Start-Up CanaryHop Gets Celebrity Endorsement From SNL’s Andy Samberg (Video)

SNL’s Andy Samberg may look a lot like Mark Zuckerberg — and act like him, too — but does that mean he’s qualified to start a tech company?

The comedian, who played the Facebook CEO on “Saturday Night Live” and even appeared at Facebook’s developer conference, has co-founded the new travel start-up CanaryHop.

The Los Angeles-based company is creating a marketplace where travelers can look for tours from well-established vendors or any individual professing to have a skill and looking to make a few bucks.

CanaryHop officially launched yesterday.

The site explains that a “Canary” is “a tour guide, a local, someone with a special talent, a person who is passionate about their community, an expert at something, or a teacher.” For example, it could be a professional chess player willing to give lessons, someone who runs a surf camp, or simply a foodie who knows the best restaurants in Chinatown.

Meanwhile, a “Hopper” is a traveler.

Still don’t get it?

Samberg does his best to act out how it works in a funny and pretty entertaining video. In it, he wakes up not knowing where he is, but for some reason has a bunch of new talents, like being able to speak French, throw knives and charm snakes. Unfortunately, you’ll have to visit the site here in order to see it.

Instead, here’s Samberg impersonating Zuckerberg on SNL, right after the release of “The Social Network”:

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