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There aren’t too many techie happenings that are greeted with grumpy ire as when Facebook makes an interface change.

So when the social networking site rolled out Timeline to brand pages a few weeks back, we just decided to embrace it and have some fun.

To do so, we’re celebrating a decade of the AllThingsD conference, given it is our 10th anniversary this year.

We’ve selected about 50 of the biggest moments from the past decade in tech and placed them in our new Facebook Timeline , culled from a decade’s worth of significant people and stand-out gadgets collected by our ace editorial team.

The Timeline features commentary, links to articles from way back when and original, unpublished images from deep in the AllThingsD archives.

And when we didn’t have the right images, we just mashed some up, as you’ll see.

Looking for never-before-published images of a bearded Steve Jobs of Apple onstage at the very first D conference?

They’re in there (May 2003).

Or Kara Swisher’s very first snarktacular post on Yup, that too (April 2007).

Walt Mossberg’s thoughts about the very first version of Mozilla Firefox?

Certainly (November 2004).

Bonus points to you if you can find our special photoshop of Léo Apotheker “passing the Hewlett-Packard baton” to Meg Whitman (hint, look in September, 2011).

I’m pretty proud of that one.

But the Timeline of Tech is only half of what we’re launching on Facebook this week.

Our audience at the conferences and here at is full of well-informed tech insiders, so we also want everyone to hear your picks for the top moments in tech, as well.

To facilitate that, we’ve added a few questions for you to answer in a special Facebook tab called “Top Tech, which we’ll leave open for the next week or so.

Do you think that the interactivity of the Flip video camera changed the game? Would we all be talking via telegraph, if not for the release for the Microsoft Kin? And where would QR-code technology be without the CueCat?

Your top tech answers might just make it onto our permanent list.

After we take in all your submissions and talk them over, we’ll then pick the best to be permanently added to our Timeline of Tech.

We’ll even make sure that the ones we choose get the special AllThingsD Photoshop treatment.

Thanks in advance for your help — now go browse our picks and give us your suggestions for the most influential gadgets and biggest tech moments since 2003.

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When AllThingsD began, we told readers we were aiming to present a fusion of new-media timeliness and energy with old-media standards for quality and ethics. And we hope you agree that we’ve done that.

— Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, in their farewell D post