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“And This Is How You Send a Direct Message. Whatever You Do, Don’t Do That.”

Barack Obama has staked out a reputation for being cyber-savvy. Which explains why he’s the one teaching Joe Biden how to use Twitter today*, as detailed in this photograph (which Obama’s team posted on Facebook – so meta). No explanation of the awkward iPhone sidegrip, though.

But I think Obama should wait to introduce Biden to Instagram. It seems to have gotten very, very boring in the last hour or so: My feed, at least, is full of pictures of news stories.

*Update: As Tim Fernholz points out, the image Obama (or his team) posted today isn’t actually from today but from July 16, 2011. And as Gabriel Snyder points out, the Twitter iPhone app doesn’t even work in landscape mode, which is presumably why the original White House caption for this photo says Biden and Obama are looking at “an app.” And if you want to be even more precise about it, it’s worth noting that Biden (or his team) has already been on Twitter before today. But today Biden (or his team) are announcing that the Twitter account is being “rebooted” for the 2012 campaign. And now this update is longer than the original text.

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