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Verizon Aims New Data Package at Global Travelers

Aiming to make international cellphone use slightly less excruciatingly expensive, Verizon Wireless announced a new $25 plan that gives users 100 megabytes of data when traveling; it will be available in 120 countries.

Once users have gobbled up that allotment, they can buy another 100MB for another $25.

The rate, which is available starting April 23, is still way more than one pays for data in the U.S., but also less than one might expect to pay under previous options.

Depending on how long a customer has been with their carrier and other policies, customers may also have an option to have their phone unlocked and buy a SIM card in the country in which they are traveling. That option requires some planning and hassle, but can save even more money, especially for heavy data users.

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