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Larry Page Seems to Be Running Low on Products to Kill

Google CEO Larry Page has made an active practice of cutting deprioritized, ignored and non-key products. In the past year that’s included Gears, Knol, Wave, Buzz, Code Search, Aardvark, Google Labs and Slide.

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Today, Google published another “spring cleaning” list of products it is purging, but at this point it seems to be running low on clear and easy things to cut. For instance, patent search is now being included in regular search, with the same options plus some speed improvements. While any particular product’s death will probably piss off someone somewhere, this list doesn’t seem terribly controversial.

It includes:

  • The non-starter One Pass program for publishers that launched only a year ago
  • A toolbar to help browse content called Google Related that was introduced only last August
  • The Google Flu Vaccine Finder, a former “20 percent” project from 2009 that’s being passed onto HealthMap
  • Older software to support BlackBerry and Picasa, and the mobile web version of Google Talk

Plus, this isn’t a product cut, but Google said it will move toward shorter “deprecation policies” for many APIs, meaning it will support older versions for less time.

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